Dr. Hustle Principles Will Help You Achieve the Surgical Practice of Your Dreams

Dr. Hustle Principles Will Help You Achieve the Surgical Practice of Your Dreams

Dr. Kevin Kruse shares his proven practices to gain efficiency, time and revenue, without compromising patient outcomes or satisfaction, in his newly released book, Dr. Hustle.

Utilizing these practices, in just 4 years, Dr. Kruse rose to the top 1% of collections in a highly competitive Dallas marketplace and a saturated sub-specialty, within a group practice of 30 surgeons.

Even more compelling, Dr. Kruse achieved this rank by committing less than 40 hours, over a 4-day work week, in the clinic, office and surgical suite combined.

His patients verify their satisfaction with 4.9 stars in Dallas; 5.0 stars in Plano, TX and 99% of the reviews commenting on his caring manner and efficient office.

By tracking outcome, pain and functional scores on every patient, Dr. Kruse is continuously ensuring the evolution of his craft.

Written with the young surgeon in mind, Dr. Kruse is eager to share his proven efficiency formulas for success and satisfaction in Dr. Hustle, currently available on Amazon.

One to continually seek opportunity to future his impact, Dr. Kruse is currently developing an e-learning platform to host an education and mentorship program, offering surgeons within their first 5 years of practice, the keys to building the practice of their dreams.

This unique approach blends the “how” and the “why” with objective measures for improvement to ensure every single surgeon accelerates the personal path to the success and satisfaction that matters to them.

The Dr. Hustle book is available on Amazon at www.amazon.com/Dr-Hustle-Principles-Competitive-Constantly/dp/0578787741/

Contact: drhustle@gmail.com or drkruse@drhustle.net