Patient Testimonials

William is happy as a lark two years after stemless shoulder arthroplasty by Dr. Kevin KruseWilliam is happy as a lark two years after stemless shoulder arthroplasty by Dr. Kevin Kruse
Marshall shares his experience one year after Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery with Dr. KruseMarshall shares his experience one year after Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery with Dr. Kruse
Can IV Therapy Help Treat Insomnia?Dr. Kruse replaced both of Sue's shoulders with great results
Betty is now pain free and doing great after shoulder surgery with Dr. Kevin KruseBetty is now pain free and doing great after shoulder surgery with Dr. Kevin Kruse
Orbie shares his experience - 6 months after reverse shoulder arthroplastyOrbie shares his experience - 6 months after reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Shoulder Surgery - Patient Testimonial - Kevin Kruse MDShoulder Surgery - Patient Testimonial - Kevin Kruse MD
A shout out to Marshall on a remarkable recovery after shoulder surgery!A shout out to Marshall on a remarkable recovery after shoulder surgery!
Jeff shares his experience with shoulder surgeon, Dr. Kevin KruseJeff shares his experience with shoulder surgeon, Dr. Kevin Kruse
What Our Patients Are SayingWhat Our Patients Are Saying
Patient Experience After Shoulder SurgeryPatient Experience After Shoulder Surgery
Patient Experience After Shoulder SurgeryPatient Experience After Shoulder Surgery
Patient Story: Shoulder SurgeryPatient Story: Shoulder Surgery
Reverse Shoulder Replacement SurgeryReverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery
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  • Fast service in and out quickly. Little wait time. Very pleased with the whole experience.
    Judy D.
  • Dr. Kruse was very prompt, professional, and knowledgeable about my problem. I left with a treatment plan. I was very satisfied with the visit.
    Robert R.
  • My appointment was on time and Dr. Kruse was very nice and polite.
    Donna H.
  • Great service
    Regina S.
  • Excellent!
    Mary L.
  • He is a very good surgeon, would recommend him to anyone.
    Grace L.
  • Timely and accurate.
    Penny K.
  • Dr. Kruse was polite, very informative, patient and has a great ear for listening.
    Lisa M.
  • I received a shot in each shoulder as I requested. I find the doctors and other practicioners at Texas Orthopaedics to be very attentive and caring people.
    Clyde C.
  • Wait time was minimal and staff very efficient and friendly. I trust what was said and treatment prescribed.
    Troy D.
  • Very accomplished surgeon…did an amazing job repairing both of my rotator cuff tears! I could not be happier…
    Kelly J.
  • Very nice staff and Dr Kruse was great. Will definitely tell others about Dr Kruse and his staff
    Bonnie G.
  • Better than normal doctor visit! Fast and very efficient
    Brad B.
  • Great experience during my first visit to Dr. Kruse. I was diagnosed for the cause of my shoulder pain very quickly after the X-ray and Ultrasound and suggested the appropriate treatment plan.
    Praveen S.
  • Loved Dr. Kruse…and his assistant. But was a little frustrating that I sent in my ID card the day before with my paperwork, yet front desk said they did not get it. I do not have an actual copy yet so it is on my computer(new employee). Also, when I came for my appointment I was asked to list my RX's…it would have been nice if that was in the paperwork at home vs in office. It is difficult to remember all of that. Lastly, I had hopes to get treatment today…but have to come back. I was a little disappointed. I am looking forward to next week. Thanks!
    Zina C.
  • No wasted time. All professional staf
    Joann M.
  • Everyone is always so friendly and helpful!
    Amy S.
  • Good bloke. Great knowledge.
    Bernhard B.
  • Dr. Kruse knew immediately what my problem was and already had a solution ready. All I had to do was say yes.
    William W.
  • Always pleased with service provided by Dr. Kruse. His PA is very professional as well.
    Katherine H.
  • Great doctor and staff
    Kimberly N.
  • Had shoulder replacement surgery 6 weeks ago, and everything is great! Dr. Kruse did a fantastic job on my surgery!
    Donald C.
  • Excellent!
    Warren G.
  • Very short wait and Haley took the time to answer my questions and explain potential future procedures.
    Craig C.
  • Everyone was very attentive and helpful.
    Ann I.
  • Dr Kruse and staff are always professional. Really great doctor and his staff is great. I'm so grateful to have received the very best Care from them.
    Brigitte R.
  • The doctor and staff were very caring and knowledgeable. I recommend their services to everyone.
    Ronda D.
  • Had a initial visit with Dr. Kruse today and went great…
    Richard W.
  • It was a follow up visit today and I saw Dr. Kruse's PA Haley. I was in and out in 30 minutes and even scheduled a day surgery! Highly recommend Dr. Kruse and any of the other doctors in the group at Texas Orthopaedics Association!
    Luanne P.
  • I finally found an orthopedic that confirmed I had a torn rotator cuff. I figured all along that was my problem. Now I can get it treated. Thank you Dr Kruse! I know now not to stray and to stick to this office for my bone needs. solid 10!!! 5 stars!
    Rita C.
  • As always Dr. Kruse was attentive and knowledgeable and took time to listen.
    Judy H.
  • The entire office is exceptional in all areas. It is clean,professional and I have never had to wait past my appointment time.
    Barbara D.
  • My experience was great. Professional. Expedient in getting it done. Having delt with workman's comp several times before. This was the most efficient care i have ever received.
    Charles P.
  • Dr. Kruse is awesome!
    Harshad K.
  • Everyone helpful and lovely. I have complicated frail bones for a shoulder replacement and they have taken very good care of me I am doing great and am very appreciative.
    Linda C.
  • Excellent service Fast efficient and very thorough
    James E.
  • As usual all good
    Ricky Y.
  • Dr . Kruse meets you with a smile an is a genuine nice person. He is professional and makes you feel at ease. I would recommend him highly.
    Terri W.
  • Very quick service, Dr. Kruse was very easy to understand and immediately got the problem taken care of. Very kind and helpful overall for all the staff
    Catalina A.
  • No second choice. This is the crew I trust with my ortho needs.
    Ronald T.
  • I find this office to be quick and efficient with little waiting time. I have had both a knee and a shoulder surgery within the last year and have had no problems, even with working around Covid scheduling for the surgeries.
    Linda J.
  • smart, insightful, communicates well – great surgeon
    James H.
  • Haley was awesome today. She definitely gets 5 stars
    Norma A.
  • Met with Dr Kruse. He was helpful. Honest and straightforward
    Judy W.
  • Very pleased…arrived early & was able to see Dr. Kruse early. Dr. Kruse listened to my issue, was very thorough and I was extremely pleased with his care.
    Arthur W.
  • Best Careing Doctor Thank you
    Cheniequa B.
  • 2 weeks out of surgery and feel better than before surgery
    Brandon F.
  • It was fast and very informative!!
    Julie F.
  • Knowledgeable, professional and very personable! Very pleased with my visit!
    Wilbur M.
  • 0 wait time. Courteous and informative visit
    Regina C.
  • Great Doctor. Dr Kruze is extremely professional and down to earth.
    Jason G.
  • Excellent care and always prompt!
    Jessie W.
  • Dr Kruse is easy to talk to, informative, answers questions, and he works fast!
    Read G.
  • Listens, explains things, patient, attentive
    Donna B.
  • I really enjoy Dr Kruse. He takes the time explain everything about your procedure & what to expect next.
    Kathy W.
  • Dr. Kruse is a great doctor & I would recommend him to anyone.
    Kathy W.
  • Dr. Kruse was wonderful! Everything at this office was completely organized and ran smoothly from beginning to end. All staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Kruse is a top-notch guy. My husband was pretty nervous about his upcoming shoulder replacement surgery, but he's feeling really confident now! So glad we chose this doctor!
    Dana Q
  • Dr. Kruse is a great doctor, he is on time and he spent time with me as we discussed treatment plans. I would highly recommend him!
    Stacy B
  • Dr Kruse and his nurse Hailey are excellent. I have had a couple of surgeries with Dr Kruse and I have alot of confidence in his knowledge and skil. I appreciate the entire staff.
    Beth F
  • Since had to go for medical attention, this was a very good experience. Swift, polite attention upon arrival, courteous technicians, and an attentive, thorough, and kind doctor. They found my problem and set me on course to healing.
    Byron C
  • Very satisfied with my prognosis. satisfied with the staff and the dr. Very prompt and professional. Thank you
    Antionette J
  • Excellent and cheerful service at Texas Orthopaedic Associates. The appointment with Dr. Kruse was right on time and his bedside manner was great.
    Paul D
  • Excellent experience every time I've seen Dr. Kruse. Dr. Kruse and Hailey are excellent. They explain everything very clearly. I am having some problems with my second rotator cuff surgery. No fault of Dr. Kruse. They are being patient and helping me work through the problem. Highly recommend Dr. Kruse and his PA Hailey
    Karen K
  • Dr. Kruse was wonderful. He was so personable and explained things thoroughly. The whole office was very efficient, friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend him.
    Cindy M
  • Dr Kruse is very easy to talk to you and what a wonderful doctor I will be back to see him again thank you so much you have a great team at your office.
    Boss B
  • Dr. Kruse and his staff were wonderful. The repair to my right elbow gave me much greater range of motion than I had before. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs orthopaedic care within their area of specialty.
    Craig L
  • LOVE Dr. Kevin Kruse! He is a wonderful surgeon who did a fantastic job of putting my very badly broken shoulder back together! He and his PA, Haley, have been GREAT with aftercare also, and I am very happy with the functional abilities of my shoulder!!
    Shanan R
  • Dr. Kruse and his staff very nice. He is thorough and explains in detail what he suggest needs to be done and why. Highly recommend Dr. Kruse.
    Dena F
  • Dr. Kruse was great. After struggling with a degenerating problem for some time, he was able to quickly diagnose the issue and help me recover quickly.
    Allen S
  • Very polite, and professional. Took time to go in depth to explain what my issue was and explained very thoroughly what my options were as well.
    Stoney S
  • Dr Kruse is not only a fantastic surgeon, he has worked on both shoulders after some pretty bad falls, but also on both wrists. I felt very comfortable sending two friends his way.. More importantly, to me, he took a tremendous amount of time listening to the issues I was having. Two previous orthopedic surgeons were so busy trying to get to the next patient they basically told me it was a just a sprain and take Tylenol, and so a full month, I was in agony. With just sonogram, and less than 30 minutes, he was able to tell me it was a devastating injury with virtually nothin left intact. So my feelings regarding him him, and his whole team, don't waste time looking around, just get in to see him.
    Gary B
  • Before surgery, I couldn’t touch the top of my head and I had constant pain. I am very pleased with the replacement of my Right Shoulder by Dr Kruse at Texas Orthopaedic Associates. The staff at his office and surgery center were professional and accommodating, deserving a “10 plus” rating. Following surgery, I went to Physical Therapy three times per week for 6 weeks, which was a “must”, and very beneficial. Three months after surgery, I had no pain and I’m back to hitting golf balls and shooting basketball. At the age of 79, I feel very fortunate to have such great results!
    Ed M
  • Thanks to you Dr Kruse I have mobility that I would never have had. I feel like you truly care about your patients and you are very knowledgeable of the surgery and the healing. I think it helps that you have had shoulder surgery yourself, so you can sympathize with us. Thanks again! :-)
    Kathy K
  • I am a 57-year-old male who injured my shoulder back in my days of playing hockey. For years I ignored the pain until the cortisone injections failed to offer any relief to my injured left shoulder. My shoulder became progressively worse over years due to severe arthritis and bone spurs. Soon, my struggles due to restricted mobility and strength loss simply became too much.

    Upon visiting Texas Orthopedic Associates in December 2016 and in meeting with Dr. Kevin Kruse I decided to have reverse shoulder replacement. First, it is extremely important to note how comfortable I immediately felt upon meeting Dr. Kruse. He reviewed both my scans and x-rays and completely explained the severity of my injury. Dr. Kruse further took the time to explain what I was to expect concerning the operation, post operation, and recovery. Dr. Kruse was fully confident this surgery would be a life changing event. One that would again allow me to regain nearly full mobility of my shoulder.

    Almost immediately post-surgery the constant pain was gone. I am six weeks out from my surgery date and I feel great! Many people simply associate surgery with pain and lengthy recovery, however I can tell you my experience was one of great success with very limited discomfort. Yes, there was a recovery period with medication, nerve block and a brace, but the (my) outcome was a blessing.

    I want to recognize Dr. Kruse’s entire staff for taking genuine care of me as I am a very difficult patient by nature. Dr. Kruse whose specialty is shoulders is a highly talented surgeon and I offer my highest regards.

    Dave N
  • The decision to have a total shoulder replacement last year is a decision I will never regret. Both the pain and the restrictions in the use of my arm are gone. It’s as if there had never been a problem with my shoulder. Recovery from the replacement surgery was not as bad as I thought it would be; it was much easier than the recovery of my broken shoulder 6 years prior to the surgery.

    If anyone is in need of a shoulder replacement, I highly recommend that it be done sooner rather than later – and preferably by Dr. Kruse, who skillfully guided me through the entire process.

    Diane Martindale, JD, PhD
  • I am 65 years old. Had both my shoulders replaced by Doctor Kruse, one almost 2 yrs ago and the other 1 yr ago. The whole process with rehab has been incredible. Almost no pain after the operations. Hard to believe I know but he did such a great job. The rehab went extremely well also. Got back into golfing and cycling very quickly and am shooting under 80 most of the time. Both shoulders are pain free, like brand new. Best doctor I have ever had.

    Mark M