Are You Sitting Up During Shoulder Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Are You Sitting Up During Shoulder Surgery?

Are You Sitting Up During Shoulder Surgery?

Honestly, for our patients, it depends on the surgery.

For rotator cuff repairs, we’re in a beach chair position, and you’re sitting with your arm resting on the side. With shoulder replacements, I don’t want to fall down, but you’re almost flat, with your arm just out to the side. There’s a holder on your neck, and it’s a very safe position. Some surgeons like to do shoulder arthroscopy lateral, so you’re lying on your side with your arm up.

It just depends on your preference. But for ours, with shoulder scopes, we’re in a lazy beach chair for shoulder replacement. You’re almost lying flat, but your back is up slightly. Imagine a couple of pillows underneath you, which is very comfortable.

It’s just a matter of surgeon preference, how they were trained, and how they like to have the body when doing certain procedures.

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