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Virtual Physical Therapy

Dr. Kruse advocates physical therapy to help his patients achieve optimal outcomes. Dr. Kruse offers virtual physical therapy for your shoulder conditions using the latest remote monitoring technology through PT-Genie.

What is Virtual Physical Therapy?

Virtual Physical Therapy uses the interactive PT-Genie platform that provides an immediate connection between the doctor and the patient through a simple app on a tablet and wearable sensors that the patient uses while performing the exercises.

How Virtual Physical Therapy Works

AI powered motion detector technology is used to track the number of repetitions, speed, and range of motion while exercising. This information is relayed in real time to the doctor or physical therapist. The doctor can guide the home-based exercise program through a virtual reality interactive avatar (a simulation of the human form) on the app that acts as a personal coach. It provides real-time feedback and shows the patient exactly how to do the exercises.

Benefits of the Virtual Physical Therapy:

  • Increased Motivation: Interacting with the app is quite like playing a video game. To move to the next level, the patient must perform movements as prescribed to stimulate healing, strengthen muscles around the shoulder joint, and improve joint range of motion. This motivates patients to keep improving their performance.
  • Personalized PT Protocols: Based on the patient’s performance and progress which is tracked through the sensors placed on the patient’s body, the doctor or therapist can provide real-time feedback to correct any mistakes and customize or modify the PT program as needed.
  • Better Compliance: A research study on more than 100 patients undergoing Virtual Physical Therapy with the PT-Genie system showed patient compliance increased from 34% to 78%.
  • Reduced Pain: The above study also showed pain levels reduced by 50%, and overall patient satisfaction improved by 70% when compared to traditional physical therapy.
  • Faster Recovery: As a result of doing the exercises with strict form and at the right intensity, patients can expect faster recovery and return to routine activities.

In an increasingly value-based healthcare environment, advanced data-driven systems such as Virtual Physical Therapy allows Dr. Kruse to customize physical therapy rehab protocols to perfectly suit the individual patient.

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