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  • Your Comprehensive Guide to Rotator Cuff Repair: Preoperative FAQs

    Welcome to our detailed Rotator Cuff Repair Preoperative and Frequently Asked Questions guide. This resource is designed to alleviate concerns and provide clarity on the recovery process and what the surgery entails. Our aim is to ensure you feel informed and comfortable with the procedure ahead. Understanding Rotator Cuff Repair Rotator cuff repair is often viewed with apprehension due to…

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  • Your Guide to Labral Repair: Preoperative Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to our Labral Repair Preoperative FAQ video! We've compiled this resource to address the most common queries patients have regarding this surgery. By the end of this video, we aim to have answered the majority of your questions, providing you with a clearer understanding of our unique surgical process. Why Choose Us? We perform nearly 150 labral repairs annually,…

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  • Shoulder Arthroplasty: Preoperative Guide and FAQs

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on shoulder arthroplasty, aimed at addressing your preoperative questions and concerns. This video is part of our mission to ensure that you're well-informed and comfortable with the procedure ahead. Remember, while this guide covers the majority of cases, individual circumstances may vary. Understanding Shoulder Arthroplasty Shoulder arthroplasty, or shoulder replacement surgery, can significantly improve your…

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  • Tips For Sleeping After Shoulder Surgery

    Healing from shoulder surgery is a painful and tiresome journey. You must provide the perfect conditions for healing wounds and ensure nothing disrupts the process. This is particularly hard when you have to lie down for much-needed sleep. Sleep is crucial to any healing process. The body is at rest at this time, giving it the time and peace to…

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  • Rotator Cuff Surgery and using the restroom

    Post-Surgery Care: Using the Restroom After Rotator Cuff Repair Addressing a Common Patient Concern A frequent question from patients who have undergone rotator cuff repair surgery relates to performing basic tasks, like using the restroom. There's a prevalent belief, often reinforced by surgeons, that one must strictly use a sling and limit arm movement to prevent damaging the surgical repair.…

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  • Is Arthroscopic Surgery Worth it?

    The Evolution and Benefits of Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Embracing Arthroscopic Surgery: A Surgeon's Perspective A common concern among patients considering rotator cuff repair surgery is the effectiveness of arthroscopic methods. Speaking from experience and knowledge, I can say with certainty that arthroscopic surgery is indeed worth it. Historical Skepticism and Modern Acceptance About 20-25 years ago, arthroscopic surgery…

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