Can a Dislocated Shoulder Heal Itself? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Can a Dislocated Shoulder Heal Itself?

Can a Dislocated Shoulder Heal Itself?

Can a dislocated shoulder heal itself? Yes and no.

When you dislocate your shoulder, a permanent change occurs where you stretch out ligaments in your shoulder and they always stay stretched out. Some people, typically older patients who aren’t as active, can tolerate that and have this kind of loose shoulder, but it doesn’t bother them enough daily to force them to do something about it.

However, younger, more active patients tend to lift more and engage in more sporting activities, which bothers them more. When they load their shoulder, they constantly feel it slipping in and out of the joint.

It never really heals itself. It’s just about how much a person can tolerate the permanent instability that occurs after their shoulder dislocates and some can. It’s a good idea to see a shoulder specialist because they can get a feel for your lifestyle and give you a good idea of whether you will be one of those people.

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