Can I Fix My Shoulder Instability at Home? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Can I Fix My Shoulder Instability at Home?

Can I Fix My Shoulder Instability at Home?

A common question about shoulder instability is, can I fix it at home? You could. It’s all about efficiency and playing the odds and probabilities.

If your shoulders are unstable, it’s a good idea to go and see a shoulder specialist to ensure that is the problem. The human shoulder is very complex. We all specialize in certain areas, and my specialty is shoulders. That’s that’s my life—shoulders.

It’s like, “I don’t do my taxes, someone else does that. We have bakers who bake our food, etc. I don’t fix my car anymore; I go to a guy to fix cars. So, could I fix my car?” It is way faster to have a mechanic do it, for sure, because that’s all they do. 

You could fix it on your own, but it will be a much more efficient utilization of your time to see someone who does nothing but shoulders, figure out the problem, and then discuss ways to fix it with them. They’re going to help you way more than you can help yourself.

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