Can Shoulder Subluxation Fix Itself? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Can Shoulder Subluxation Fix Itself?

Can Shoulder Subluxation Fix Itself?

The common question people ask is can shoulder subluxation fix itself? Sometimes would be the answer.

When you start to feel the shoulder sublux, we still send people to therapy for that problem. Our success rate is about 50%. It depends on how bad it is and multiple other factors, but we typically try.

Often, what you’ll do is you’ll strengthen, you’ll stabilize, you’ll get better, but there’ll be some things that you just don’t want to do because you’re going to feel your shoulder slip in and out. You can strengthen it, make it better, and modify a lot of your activities so as not to exacerbate the shoulder subluxations.

But does it just kind of fix itself? Not really, unless you go in there and stabilize the shoulder with an operation.

It’s more just strengthening the muscles to stabilize things and avoiding activities that bother it. You can get a decent quality of life doing that or a great quality of life in some patients, but once the shoulder is unstable, it stays that way. It does stay that way.

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