Can You Fix Shoulder Instability? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Can You Fix Shoulder Instability?

Can You Fix Shoulder Instability?

A common question people ask is, can you fix shoulder instability?

The answer is, without a question, 100% yes, you can fix shoulder instability.

Now, how you fix it depends on many different factors. There are two main things here: physical therapy, rehab, and surgery. It depends on the pattern and type of instability you have, as well as a million other factors—who you are, what you’re doing in life, etc.

Whether or not that’s something that can be fixed with physical therapy rather than an operation, to get a good, educated answer, see a shoulder specialist—someone who is an orthopedic surgeon. The vast majority are with all their practices shoulders, and they’re going to be able to help you figure that out in a much more efficient manner.

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