Can Your Shoulder Hurt from Sleeping on it? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Can Your Shoulder Hurt from Sleeping on it?

Can Your Shoulder Hurt from Sleeping on it?

Absolutely. But you won’t cause damage to your shoulder by sleeping on it.

It may be sore from sleeping awkwardly, but more often than not people have trouble sleeping at night because they’re laying on a shoulder that has chronic wear and tear, whether it’s a rotator cuff or arthritis or a label tear or could just be tendonitis on the shoulder. Laying on it just exacerbates a problem that’s already there.

But you’re not going to damage your shoulder or cause any permanent injury by sleeping on it in a certain way. That’s just not enough force to cause a problem, but you can’t irritate a chronic problem.

We see a ton of patients because of that. That’s one of the number one reasons why people come in is that their shoulder is impacting their sleep at night when you can’t sleep at night or you’re not getting quality sleep, that is so fundamental to the quality of your life as a human being, you got to get it fixed.

So if your shoulder’s keeping you up at night, come in and see us, we’ll fix it and give you the quality of what you deserve.

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