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Shoulder Surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas

Your shoulders are so versatile and vital to everyday tasks. They give you balance and support, and allow you to raise your arms high. They also allow you to do everything from walking to swinging golf clubs. Unfortunately, when issues arise, it is a significant nuisance. These problems can affect anyone at any age. Your shoulder can be injured in a variety of ways. Some examples include dislocation, rotator cuff tear, arthritis of ligaments or tendons, or a severe sprain. These events can affect your shoulder joint movements and function. 

Shoulder specialists are surgeons specializing in procedures involving shoulder injuries. They work to diagnose and treat your shoulder problem effectively and efficiently. If you are looking for a specialist or surgeon, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the options. Here we will discuss shoulder joint issues, treatment options, and how surgery can help you. 

Common Problems Involving Shoulders and Arms 

The cuff of the shoulder is comprised of tendons, muscles, and ligaments. A tendon, muscle, or ligament tear can result from an acute injury or repetitive motion issues. The tears can be partial or complete. A torn rotator cuff can result from a severe rotator cuff sprain or an acute injury. Rotator cuff tendonitis causes the tissues that make up the rotator cuff to wear out. This leads to inflammation in the tendons. 

Tendonitis tends to be chronic and will keep re-injuring itself whenever you overuse the area. It can be treated by rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories. The shoulder pain may return when you resume using the arm or shoulder. Your shoulder and arms can also be affected by degenerative ailments such as arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and impingement. 

How Shoulder Surgery can Help you Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle 

As there are many possible causes for shoulder pain, shoulder repair is more of an art than a science. You will see a different treatment approach for each type of injury in either the rotator cuff or the ball and socket joint at the top of the arm. The surgeon’s job is to try to match the repair with this specific need and ensure it works. 

Rotator cuff tendon tears can be addressed in a variety of ways. Some patients have only small tears that can be repaired through arthroscopic surgery, using only small incisions over the tear location. Other patients may have major tears that require a larger surgical procedure. Your physician will assess your situation and make a recommendation as to the best treatment. They will also discuss any underlying problems contributing to your shoulder joint issues. 

Shoulder surgery is usually done in an outpatient setting. You can go home the same day as your surgery, although you must plan for the recovery time. You will need a lot of support from friends and family, especially during the first three months. 

Tips to Prevent Shoulder Injuries and Pain 

Stay active as much as possible. Walking and doing your exercises can help prevent issues like tendonitis and rotator cuff injuries. You should also ensure you do not use the arm too much and overexert it. This can lead to a rotator cuff tear as well. Activities like swinging golf clubs and a shovel can be a possible cause of your injury. If your shoulder blade hurts during these activities, then they should be avoided or re-evaluated by your physician to see if they are safe for you. 

Maintain good posture while sitting at work or while driving. When sitting, especially in front of a computer, try to find a chair with enough height to allow you to sit up straight. When you are recovering from surgery, you will probably attend to physical therapy. Your therapist will use range of motion exercises to help you gradually regain function. You may also need to include strengthening exercises in your program. A physical therapist can help you with an exercise program that consists of the right mix of aerobic activity, stretching, and strength training for your specific needs. Remember to check with your physician before assuming that you are ready for intensive shoulder exercise programs or contact sports. 

Why Choose Dr. Kruse? 

Dr. Kruse is a highly experienced Fort Worth, TX shoulder surgeon. He has performed thousands of successful, conservative surgeries with minimal issues. He has a unique perspective on shoulder instability and surgery due to his orthopedic training, experience, and knowledge of shoulder injuries. This allows him to analyze each situation with a fresh new perspective, which is especially helpful in chronic cases. 

Dr. Kruse has years of training and experience that help him to identify the most effective treatment options for each patient. His wisdom and expertise have helped his patients find long-term relief from their shoulder pain issues and regain full function through conservative surgical techniques to avoid total shoulder replacement surgery. 

Shoulder joint pain can be challenging to diagnose and treat. When you take the time to find an experienced Fort Worth, Texas shoulder specialist, you increase your chances of a successful outcome and recovery. If you are suffering from shoulder joint pain or have been diagnosed with a condition requiring surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kruse today.

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