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Houston Rotator Cuff Surgeon

Looking for a Houston rotator cuff surgeon? Dr. Kevin Kruse is your go-to specialist. Shoulder pain results from torn tendons and muscles that form the rotator cuff, a Houston rotator cuff surgeon, will help repair these issues. But why visit Dr. Kruse?

A Board Certified Specialist

Dr. Kruse is certified for operation in Texas by the Texas Orthopaedic Associates. He has extensive training in shoulder, hand, and elbow injuries. He holds medical and university degrees from Indiana University. More to that, he completed his residency training at Greenville Health System University Medical Center, South Carolina. These credentials certify his academic qualifications.

Typical Houston Rotator Cuff Surgeon and Shoulder Repair Services

Dr. Kruse pays attention to details before he diagnoses any shoulder injury condition. He offers a variety of treatment services including;

1. Rotator Cuff Tear Repair

Dr. Kruse is available for all rotator cuff repairs of the injured and torn rotator cuffs. These repairs consist of minimally invasive surgical processes through tiny incisions. The incisions are a centimeter wide and done with an arthroscope. Attached to the arthroscope is a video camera to display the joint image on the screen. With enlarged visuals, Dr. Kruse can analyze the shoulder’s condition thoroughly to determine the type of injury and perform the correct repair.

2. Rotator Cuff Surgery

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, the surgery can be open or similar to an arthroscopic repair. Surgical processes are recommendable if the pain has lasted for more than six months. Additionally, patients suffering significant loss of shoulder bone function should also consider undergoing surgery. In addition, Dr. Kruse is more likely to recommend surgical practices for athletes wishing to bounce back to training ground soon, or for tears extending beyond three centimeters.

3. Shoulder Labrum Reconstruction

The function of the labrum is to stabilize the joints. A tear on the labral can result from shoulder overuse in weightlifting and throwing. It can also result from the aging effects. Symptoms of a labral tear include a locking sensation, joint instability, reduced mobility range, and pain. Dr. Kruse has all equipment necessary such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and X-rays to analyze shoulder joint conditions before any reconstruction procedures.

4. Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Have you been struggling with both rotator cuff tear and shoulder arthritis without help? Dr. Kruse is an expert in reverse shoulder replacement – a practice that will ease your pain. Dr. Kruse uses this practice for the treatment of completely torn cuffs, particularly when previous shoulder replacements failed.

Same Day Services

Dr. Kruse’s investment in advanced technology allows him to perform surgeries that don’t require overnight stays. Modern technology enables surgeries that are minimally invasive. As a result, a patient can go home after the surgery. Kruse is an expert in arthroscopic surgery which is less invasive. Arthroscopic surgery involves the repair of the damaged, degenerated, or diseased joint arthroscopically. With improved anesthetic formulas, minimally invasive techniques, modern pain protocols, and immediate rehabilitation methods, Dr. Kruse can perform outpatient-based arthroscopic surgeries.

Same-day surgery comes with a list of benefits:

  • A short recovery period,

  • Reduced blood loss,

  • Short hospital stays,

  • Effective pain management techniques,

  • Lower chances of complications,

  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

  • Minimal postoperative pain, and

  • minimal surgical dissection.

Same-day surgeries are excellent for the treatment of conditions such as;

  • Shoulder dislocation and instability,

  • Bursitis,

  • Arthritis,

  • Shoulder fracture, or

  • Frozen shoulders.

Once you visit Dr. Kruse, he shares a detailed guide on how to prepare for same-day shoulder surgery. Additionally, his team may take some tests including bloodwork to evaluate your fitness for the surgery.

Quick Access

Easy information and service access is what you get from Dr. Kruse. Please access medical information about shoulder problems and our various services here on our website, and then reach out today.

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