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Kevin Kruse: Shoulder Specialist

Dr. Kevin Kruse is the top choice as a Houston shoulder surgeon with vast knowledge of the shoulder joint. Dr. Kruse graduated from Indiana University and pursued his residency in South Carolina at Greenville Health System University Medical Center. A shoulder specialist is a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions of the shoulder joint and surrounding structures. Whether you’re dealing with an acute injury or chronic pain, a shoulder joint surgeon can assess the problem, determine the best course of treatment, and provide knowledge about how to prevent future issues. This article will give an insight into shoulder specialist Dr. Kevin Kruse, and his roles within the medical field. 

What Does Dr. Kevin Kruse Do?

Houston Shoulder surgeon Dr Kruse

Dr. Kevin Kruse specializes in treating shoulder injuries and conditions. The shoulder is a complex joint susceptible to various injuries, from acute traumatic injuries to chronic overuse. Shoulder specialists are trained to diagnose and treat all types of shoulder problems. 

Common shoulder injuries include rotator cuff tears, dislocations, and impingement syndrome. A rotator cuff tear is common in athletes and older adults. Dislocations occur when the ball of the shoulder joint pops out of its socket. Impingement syndrome is a condition that occurs when the tendons or bursa become irritated or inflamed. 

Dr. Kevin Kruse uses a variety of treatments to manage shoulder injuries and conditions. These may include medications, physiotherapy, injections, and surgery. In some cases, shoulder replacement surgery may be necessary. Shoulder specialists work closely with other healthcare team members to provide comprehensive patient care. 

How to Know if You Need to See a Shoulder Joint Surgeon

If you experience shoulder discomfort, stiffness, or weakness, it may be time to see a shoulder joint specialist. These specialists are trained in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the shoulder. 

Shoulder pain is the most common reason people see a shoulder surgeon. An injury, arthritis, or other condition may cause the pain. Shoulder specialists use a variety of tests to diagnose shoulder problems. These tests may include X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. 

Treatment for shoulder problems depends on the cause of the problem. Treatment options include physical therapy, medication, and surgery. Physical therapy can help reduce pain and improve the range of motion. Medication can help reduce inflammation and pain. Surgery is usually only recommended if other treatments have not worked. 

Different Types of Specialists

There are several different types of shoulder specialists, each with unique skills and experience. Here are some of the most common: 

Orthopedic Surgeon: An orthopedic shoulder specialist on is a medical physician who diagnoses and treats injuries and diseases of the bones, joints, and muscles. They often treat patients with problems such as a rotator cuff tear, a shoulder dislocation, and shoulder fractures. 

Physiatrist: A physiatrist is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). They treat patients with various musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, including shoulder pain. Treatment may involve medication, physical therapy, exercise, and injections. 

Sports Medicine Specialist: A sports medicine specialist is a physician or other health care provider specializing in preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries related to sports and exercise. They often work with athletes of all levels to help them stay healthy and active. Shoulder problems are common among athletes, so these specialists are often well-versed in treating them. 

Rheumatologist: A rheumatologist is a medical physician specializing in diagnosing and treating arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Many people with pain in their shoulders also have arthritis, so rheumatologists often play an important role in their care. 

Pros of Seeing a Specialist Shoulder Doctor

A shoulder joint specialist can provide expert care and treatment for your shoulder injury. They can also help you to recover more quickly and effectively from your injury. 

How to Find the Best Shoulder Surgeon for You

There are a few things you can do to find the best shoulder doctor for you:

  • Ask your regular doctor for a referral. They may know of some good specialists in your area.

  • Look online for reviews of shoulder specialists in your area. This gives you an idea of who is good and who to avoid. 

  • Ask them about their experience, what type of treatments they offer, and what their success rate is. This will help you make the best decision for your needs. 

Contact Kevin Kruse, Your Houston Shoulder Joint Specialist

Dr. Kevin Kruse is a shoulder specialist located only 3 hours away from Houston and who is crucial to any medical team, providing quick, effective care to patients with various shoulder-related afflictions. With him, you can be sure that your shoulder problems will be taken seriously and treated professionally in no time at all. If you’re looking for a specialist who is knowledgeable and experienced in their field, do your research before making an appointment. With the help of an excellent physician specializing in this area, like Dr. Kevin Kruse, you can once again enjoy life without worrying about nagging pain or discomfort in your shoulders.

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