How Do You Stabilize Unstable Shoulders? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

How Do You Stabilize Unstable Shoulders?

How Do You Stabilize Unstable Shoulders?

A common question people ask is how do you stabilize an unstable shoulder? It’s a great question.

There are two ways to stabilize the shoulder. First, the muscles around the shoulder should be strengthened to create dynamic stability in an unstable joint, like therapy strengthening exercises. Second, operations repair or tighten the capsule around the shoulder that is stretched or torn.

It depends on your instability pattern and which option will be best for you. We must figure out who you are and how bad the instability is in many factors to see which option’s best for you.

But those are the two main ways. You strengthen the muscles with therapy to create dynamic stability by strengthening muscles to keep the ball and socket in place. The second way is to go there with operations to tighten everything up.

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