How Long After Surgery Can I Walk? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

How Long After Surgery Can I Walk?

How Long After Surgery Can I Walk?

Immediately. I encourage patients to start exercising within a day after surgery.

Take some long walks. Maybe don’t walk for 30 miles the day after surgery. Go for a couple of miles. You won’t be on narcotics and doing crazy hikes and things like that because then you could fall. But going out, getting outside, and walking immediately is going to make you feel better.

There’s no risk of injuring anything after you’ve had shoulder surgery. You don’t need bed rest at all. It’s your shoulder, so you can walk right away without any fear or risk. And I encourage it because I think getting outside and moving your body, um, you know, just exercise in general will make you have less stress, less pain, and just feel better overall and recover faster.

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