Is Shoulder Arthroplasty a Major Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Is Shoulder Arthroplasty a Major Surgery?

Is Shoulder Arthroplasty a Major Surgery?

Is shoulder arthroplasty a major surgery? All surgeries should be taken seriously. It’s an operation.

You’re going inside someone’s body, making changes. It’s gotten way slicker and way faster. Compared to where it was before, you know, with us now in our practice—and this isn’t every surgeon, but for us, we do it through a small incision.

The surgery takes less than 30 minutes. I haven’t transfused anybody in 10 years. You come in and go home the same day. This happens for 99% of our patients. They come into the surgery center or surgical hospital, have the operation, go home an hour later, and then we let them move their arm right away.

Despite modern techniques, modern implants, and highly specialized surgeons, it must still be taken very seriously. However, it’s not this huge three-hour-long marathon where you’re in the hospital for days and days and can’t move your arm.

It’s not that way with our practice anymore. It’s much less invasive and has a much quicker recovery. We also do it as an outpatient now, which is great.

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