Is Shoulder Replacement Easier Than Hip Replacement? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Is Shoulder Replacement Easier Than Hip Replacement?

Is Shoulder Replacement Easier Than Hip Replacement?

It’s identical in terms of pain relief, speed of recovery, quality of life, and overall patient satisfaction scores afterward if you go head-to-head with a total hip. It’s one of the most common procedures done in orthopedics.

When you study all procedures that are done in the human body, every surgery across every subspecialty in the whole world, which is a lot, total hips and total shoulders have the highest impact on the quality of life of a human being than any other surgery that’s done in all of medicine, which is kind of amazing when you think about it.

So it’s pretty cool to be the person who’s doing a surgery that has that level of impact on somebody’s quality of life. It’s great because people come in; they can’t move their arms for years. We fix it, and it’s like magic, and they love it. And so it’s one of my favorite surgeries on the shoulder because it greatly impacts that person’s life. And they are so happy and thankful once you do it.

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