Is Shoulder Surgery Covered by Insurance? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Is Shoulder Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Is Shoulder Surgery Covered by Insurance?

The answer is yes, 100% of the time.

If you have insurance and the proper indications, you’ve done the proper things preoperatively, and if those things are necessary for your shoulder surgery, the vast majority of the costs will be covered by insurance.

In my practice, I don’t have a contract with Medicare, I do have a fee associated with my surgery with patients. However, the bulk of the procedure, the hospital anesthesia, post-operative care, etc., are still covered by insurance. With our private insurance, it’s the same scenario. So, the answer is yes.

Yes, most of the costs for your surgery will be covered by insurance, but there will always be some out-of-pocket costs for all procedures. It depends on your insurance and a million other factors. But yes, most of the time, it’s covered.

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