Is Shoulder Surgery Painful? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Is Shoulder Surgery Painful?

Is Shoulder Surgery Painful?

Obviously, this is a relative question. I guess in terms of all shoulder surgeries that I do, it’s the least painful.

It’s the one where patients have the least amount of pain immediately after surgery. In that early recovery period, most of our patients come in at the 10 to 12-day appointment after surgery, and they already have less pain than before. You’re going into the surgery because you have pain. You’ve been living with pain for years. That’s why you’re having your shoulder replaced.

Within a week, you’re feeling better than you did before surgery. To me, that’s not really a painful surgery. I think of a painful surgery for me would be in pain for months and months till you get better than you were.

In general, it’s not very painful. Our patients are taking strong pain pills for less than a week most of the time, and they’re feeling better very quickly after the operation.

When you have your shoulder replaced, it’s because your shoulder is in really bad shape. And the great news is that once it’s replaced, it feels better faster than when you were before surgery.

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