Is Your Shoulder Ever the Same After Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Is Your Shoulder Ever the Same After Surgery?

Is Your Shoulder Ever the Same After Surgery?

The question people have is, is my shoulder going to be the same with their surgery? Absolutely not—it’s going to be a thousand times better. That’s why we’re doing the operation.

My goal with everyone is to give them a shoulder that’s 100% perfect. That’s what I shoot for, 100%. We do achieve that in several patients. Now, looking at all of our surgeries and we average it, our average outcomes tend to be around 95% of normal. People are radically better than before, but if you average everyone out, there may be just a few things that bother them a little.

But we’re starting with shoulders that are 50% of normal. So the delta is huge and radically better. I wish we could make everyone perfect if any surgeon tells you that. You should see another one if they say, “I can make all of you perfect.”

But we’re very good at making the vast majority of our patients radically better than before and allowing them to do whatever they want with their shoulders. We put no restrictions on people after our shoulder surgeries.

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