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Laredo, Texas Shoulder Surgeon

The shoulder is one of the most complicated joints in the human body, and it is not uncommon for it to become arthritic, injured, or otherwise compromised. For this reason, various experts have come together in the field of orthopedic care to form an impressive team committed to helping patients in need. Dr. Kevin Kruse, a Laredo, Texas shoulder specialist, is an experienced member of the Texas team of orthopedic surgeons.


Here are some of the conditions he specializes in:

1. Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint houses many critical components, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. It is, therefore, susceptible to various injuries and conditions that can lead to pain and weakness.

Some of the leading causes of shoulder discomfort include:

  • Dislocations

  • Fractures

  • Sprains and strains

  • Bursitis 

2. SLAP Tears

A rotator cuff injury is among the most common shoulder dislocations and is characterized by a painful pop or snapping sensation each time you lift your arm.

A tear in the intervertebral disk or other injuries between the clavicle and scapula typically causes this injury.

You will find that lifting, turning, and reaching become more difficult when this occurs. 

3. Shoulder Dislocation

When the shoulder dislocates, it will either pop back into place or become stuck in an abnormal position. If you experience this, you will likely also experience pain and weakness in the area.

A dislocation can occur due to a torn or stretched ligament or tendon. 

4. Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is characterized by a limited range of motion and significant discomfort. Various factors, including obesity, diabetes, and muscle overuse, cause it.

This condition usually occurs in later adulthood, with women being twice as likely to be affected as men. 

5. Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common in the shoulder region. They can occur when a player is hit, falls, or twists their arm in an unnatural position.

These injuries require special attention to ensure they heal properly and fast enough for the athlete to return to action. 

6. Arthritis of the Shoulder

Shoulder arthritis occurs due to various factors, including repetitive motion, an injury that results in weakened tendons and joints, or osteoarthritis.

Consequences include inflammation, discomfort in the shoulder joint, limited mobility, and discomfort. 

7. Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator cuff tendinitis is characterized by discomfort and swelling around your shoulder. The condition usually occurs when the tendon tears or slips out of its natural position. 

Treatment and Procedures

Some of the main treatments and procedures offered by Dr. Kevin Kruse include:

1. Computer-Assisted Shoulder Surgery

The computer-assisted shoulder surgery uses imaging technology to help doctors and orthopedic surgeons better visualize the shoulder joint, especially in the case of complicated injuries. 

2. Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to evaluate and treat various shoulder problems. During this procedure, a tiny camera is inserted into your joint to examine the affected area. A solution is then injected to either remove or repair the damaged tissue. 

3. Total Shoulder Replacement

This procedure replaces a damaged shoulder joint with a plastic and metal prosthesis. The artificial shoulder is designed to mimic the normal shoulder and ensure that the range of motion is not compromised. 

4. Reverse Shoulder Replacement

This surgery reverses a shoulder joint replacement, placing it back into your original position. It is used to maintain motion while also treating arthritis in your shoulder joint. 

5. Rotator Cuff Repair

For this surgery, a rotator cuff tear is repaired to encourage healing, restore the integrity of the rotator cuff muscles, and reduce discomfort and stiffness in your shoulder. 

6. Rotator Cuff Release Surgery

A rotator cuff release surgery will unlock your shoulder joint to restore motion. This surgery can get used for various conditions, including frozen shoulder and general wear-and-tear on your joint. 

7. Shoulder Labrum Reconstruction

A shoulder labrum reconstruction will use grafts, anchors, and other materials to restore the stability of your shoulder. This procedure is mainly used when the labrum becomes torn or degraded over time. 

8. Distal Clavicle Excision

This surgery is used to remove a damaged, thick, or loose clavicle. The procedure involves removing the bones on either side of the joint, allowing the clavicle to merge with the scapula. 

9. Subacromial Decompression

Subacromial decompression surgery treats rotator cuff tendinitis. The procedure involves an incision to release the tissue surrounding the shoulder joint.

This operation aims to reduce pain, restore motion, and improve your ability to perform daily activities.

Additionally, Dr. Kevin Kruse also offers a variety of non-surgical treatments in the form of physical therapy and medications. 

The Bottom-line

Shoulder discomfort can significantly impact your lifestyle and quality of life. It is, therefore, vital to take action to identify, prevent and treat it. Contact our orthopedic surgeon today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Kruse, your Laredo, TX shoulder specialist who is located in Dallas, only an hour’s flight away.

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