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Thousands of individuals see a medical professional annually because of injuries. Most of these folks have minor problems that could be fixed with relaxation and physical therapy, but some have damaged rotator cuffs and should see an Lubbock rotator cuff surgeon. If you or someone you love has suffered and needs a Lubbock, Texas rotator cuff repair, you’ll find all the information you require here to make informed treatment options with a Lubbock rotator cuff specialist.

What Rotator Cuff Tear or Injury Means

Four sets of muscles and tendons extend from the scapula to the upper portion of the shoulder and ultimately connect to the humeral head.

This part of the shoulder comprises tendons and muscles that stabilize the glenohumeral joint during multidirectional motion. Inadequate stability during joint motion means it is easily ripped or damaged in a collision or other forceful incident.

Most tears and injuries occur during athletic activities, but they can also occur from natural tendon degradation or bracing a crash with an extended hand.

Damages to this area could range from moderate tendon irritation to wholly or partially severed tendons from their connection place.

How Rotator Cuff Injury Happens

The rotator cuff is made up of four tendons that attach to the tendons that surround the shoulder. When one or more of these tendons are ruptured, it is known as a rotator cuff injury. The tears shed by a patient may be in any form, from partially formed to fully formed. Repetitive motion is usually the cause of this kind of damage.

Furthermore, the tear of age increases the likelihood of this kind of injury. Over-40s are more likely to get rotator cuff damage. Although tears are commonly caused by overuse, serious injuries could also cause this problem.

Diagnosis of the Condition

To determine what’s causing your injuries, the Center for Orthopedic Surgery experts will complete a physical examination and look into your health information. They might recommend imaging tests like X-rays to assess the health of the joint.

During arthroscopy, a surgeon uses a fiber-optic camera to examine the inside of a patient’s joint. The underlying cause of your discomfort can be pinpointed, and the most appropriate treatment approach can be designed with the help of arthroscopy, which provides a clear view of the soft tissues within your joint.

How the Injured Rotator Cuff Treatment is Done

Non-surgical treatments are usually adequate for patients with modest rotator cuff disorders or partial rips. Rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and ice can help with inflammation and shoulder pain.

When necessary, a rehabilitative exercise program may focus on enhancing rotator cuff power. Orthopedic surgery may be required to repair the rotator cuff in individuals with serious injuries, a complete rupture, or when non-surgical treatments have been unsuccessful.

The rotator cuff is often repaired through minimally invasive rotator cuff surgery. The use of a tiny camera and surgical equipment could reattach injured tendons. Dr. Kevin Kruse, a top texas shoulder specialist, provides surgical rotator cuff repairs for individuals across Texas.

How the Rotator Cuff Tear Repair is Performed

When a surgeon performs arthroscopic rotator cuff correction, they first insert the tiny camera into the shoulder to carefully inspect its muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons.

The injured tendon pieces are excised and removed after inserting advanced surgical tools into the joints. The remainder tendons are reinserted into the articular surface in their proper anatomical location. It is possible that this debridement treatment can effectively repair partial rotator cuff tears by eliminating the injured sections of the rotator cuff.

In complete rotator cuff injuries, the tendon might have to be reattached to the humerus’s head using surgical anchors anchored within the bones. Your Lubbock, TX rotator cuff surgeon employs a complex surgical procedure termed a double-row arthroscopic repair when attempting to fix a torn rotator cuff.

Incorporating a second row of stitches into badly damaged tendons has been found to boost stability and drastically decrease the likelihood of a second rip due to increased stress on the treated tendon.

What You Should Expect

Repairing tears in the rotator cuff can usually be done as an outpatient operation in a hospital or other reputable surgical center. Orthopedic surgery will be performed while the patient is under general anesthetic, and they will be closely monitored both during and after the procedure. We’ll send you home with a list of directives to follow before we let you go.

Medications for shoulder pain relief and physical therapy exercises to improve circulation are part of the package. After shoulder surgery, a person must take it easy for a few days.

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Athletes and the generally active population both regularly suffer from these type of shoulder issues. Dr. Kevin Kruse is a shoulder surgeon that is a board-certified orthopedist. He is ready to assist you in your recovery when conservative treatment has failed.

For a successful, risk-free, and complete rotator cuff surgery recovery, you can rely on Dr. Kruse, a shoulder surgeon located only an hour flight from Lubbock, TX, to deliver a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis and to collaborate with you throughout the complete surgical procedure.

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