Modern Advances & Benefits of Rotator Cuff Repair - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Modern Advances & Benefits of Rotator Cuff Repair

Modern Advances & Benefits of Rotator Cuff Repair

One of the most common shoulder injuries today is a rotator cuff tear. A torn rotator cuff causes a significant amount of pain and can negatively affect your daily activities and lifestyle. The incredible mobility and range of motion of the shoulder joint, can make it vulnerable to tears. Recent advances in the treatment options allow for arthroscopic repair of a torn rotator cuff.

Rotator cuff problems are caused by factors such as genetics, trauma, age, or an injury. Today, most rotator cuff repairs are performed arthroscopically with advanced technology and enhanced patient benefits.

Benefits Include:

  • Less invasive : Only small incisions are made when performing this procedure. A less invasive procedure means less surrounding tissue is impacted, allowing for reduced scarring, less pain, and a quick recovery.
  • New developments in anchors : The development of new anchors such as bioabsorbable fully-threaded suture anchors allow the firm reattachment of the torn rotator cuff to the bone. Anchors can allow for better healing and functioning of the shoulder.
  • Advanced surgical techniques : The use of knotless double row repairs increases tendon-to-bone contact and provides a secure fixation and arthroscopic assisted latissimus dorsi transfer for irreparable posterior rotator cuff tears.
  • Fewer Complications : Visibility with a tiny camera results in fewer chances of complications. Plus, with a smaller incision, there are fewer chances of infection than with open surgery.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair can effectively eliminate pain and restore strength and function to the shoulder. Patients can gain the ability to perform daily living activities, overhead activities, and sports without discomfort.   Often sleep conditions are improved, without a chronic ache in the shoulder at night. With adequate post-op care and rehabilitation, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair can restore patients to an active lifestyle and result in a better quality of life.

Dr. Kevin Kruse is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic shoulder surgeon in North Texas. Dr. Kruse is committed to bringing the highest level of personalized orthopedic care, using advanced technology and biologics to treat shoulder injuries with optimal patient outcomes.

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