Rotator Cuff Surgery and using the restroom - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Rotator Cuff Surgery and using the restroom

Rotator Cuff Surgery and using the restroom

Post-Surgery Care: Using the Restroom After Rotator Cuff Repair

Addressing a Common Patient Concern

A frequent question from patients who have undergone rotator cuff repair surgery relates to performing basic tasks, like using the restroom. There’s a prevalent belief, often reinforced by surgeons, that one must strictly use a sling and limit arm movement to prevent damaging the surgical repair.

Debunking the Sling Myth

The reality is that the use of a sling post-rotator cuff repair surgery is primarily for comfort, not as a strict necessity. In our practice, aside from a few specific surgeries (which constitute less than 1% of cases), the sling is optional for comfort.

Understanding Safe Arm Movements

The key to post-surgery care is understanding what movements are safe:

  1. Movements Below Shoulder Level: Gentle activities that keep the arm below shoulder level are usually safe and won’t harm the repair.
  2. Strength of Repairs: Our surgical repairs are robust and can withstand controlled, gentle movements.

How to Use the Restroom Post-Surgery

Patients can use the restroom normally after surgery. While there might be some soreness, normal hand and arm movements are generally safe. The fear that using the arm will disrupt the surgical repair is largely unfounded, as long as movements are controlled and gentle.

Practical Advice for Patients

It’s important for patients to know that life post-surgery, including everyday activities like using the restroom, can continue with some adjustments. Soreness is to be expected, but it shouldn’t prevent patients from using their arms in a normal, albeit careful, manner.


The misconception that a sling must be worn at all times and that any arm movement could jeopardize the surgical repair is not accurate in most cases. Patients should follow their surgeon’s specific advice, but generally, gentle use of the arm for basic activities is permissible and safe.

This blog post is based on a video transcript and has been edited for clarity and readability.

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