Staying Active After 50 With Shoulder Arthritis - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Staying Active After 50 With Shoulder Arthritis

Staying Active After 50 With Shoulder Arthritis

We all know that staying active has physical, mental, and emotional benefits.  But if you suffer from shoulder arthritis, staying active may be a challenge.  

Arthritis is inflammation in the joint.  It causes pain and stiffness and affects shoulder mobility.  However, staying active with proper exercise can help reduce arthritis symptoms.  

Some excellent exercises include: 

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Water Aerobics
  • Cycling
  • Yoga

With arthritis it is important to participate in low impact activities and tailor your exercise to move the shoulder.  For example, pump your arms while walking or cycling.  Moving the shoulder joint while exercising will help fight inflammation and decrease the severity of arthritis symptoms.  

Exercise can increase your range of motion and your flexibility.  It can also help strengthen the surrounding muscles to help support the shoulder joint.  Not only does it benefit your shoulder, exercise benefits the entire body.  Staying active after 50 can help

  • Increase energy and strength
  • Prevent illness and disease
  • Improve sleep qualityHelp maintain a healthy weightIncrease quality of life

Anytime you are exercising, safety is needed.  Make sure you warm up your muscles by stretching or take a short walk before you begin and always listen to your body.  With arthritis, stretching and exercise should not cause pain.  If shoulder pain increases, stop immediately.  Exercise with care and always talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program.  

Staying active after 50 has numerous benefits.  It can help decrease arthritis pain and increase shoulder mobility, but the benefits go far beyond your shoulder.  Staying active has physical, mental, and emotional benefits and increases your quality of life.

Dr. Kevin Kruse is a board-certified, fellowship-trained, orthopedic surgeon specializing in Shoulder injuries and arthroscopic Shoulder surgery in North Texas.

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