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Virtual PT After Shoulder Replacement

Virtual PT After Shoulder Replacement

After total shoulder replacement or shoulder arthroscopy surgery, you can benefit from working with a physical therapist using an in-home patient monitoring system. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to work with a certified ATC/PTA, thanks to virtual physical therapy and PT Genie. PT Genie is a patented, interactive, and avatar-based reality PT training platform. Through a simple app, PT Genie provides an immediate connection between healthcare providers and patients to monitor your home PT exercise program and ensure you use correct form to optimize your recovery.

PT-Genie is an interactive Virtual Physical Therapy platform that provides an immediate connection between the doctor and the patient through a simple app and wearable sensors that the patient uses while performing the exercises. AI powered motion detector technology is used to track the number of repetitions, speed, and range of motion while exercising. This information is relayed in real time to the doctor or physical therapist. Benefits of PT Genie virtual physical therapy include:

  • Experience faster & easier recovery with reduced pain in the comfort of your own home.
  • Cost-effective after coinsurance, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Can do exercises anywhere at any time.

The doctor can guide the home-based exercise program through a virtual reality interactive avatar (simulation of the human form) on the app that acts as a personal coach. It provides real-time feedback and shows the patient exactly how to do the exercises.

The patient interacts with the avatar, like playing a video game, all the while performing movements that stimulate healing, strengthen muscles around the shoulder joint, and improves joint range of motion. Virtual Physical Therapy keeps the patients motivated to keep improving their performance and the doctor or therapist can customize or modify the PT program based on the patient’s progress.

A research study on more than 100 patients undergoing Virtual Physical Therapy with the PT-Genie system showed patient compliance jumped from 34% to 78% resulting in a 60% faster recovery, pain levels reduced by 50%, and overall patient satisfaction improved by 70% as compared to traditional physical therapy.

Orthopedic Surgeon Kevin Kruse, MD, is dedicated to monitoring his patients’ outcomes following surgery. For more information on how Virtual Physical Therapy can benefit your shoulder condition, please call (214)-750-4590.

Dr. Kevin Kruse is a board- certified, fellowship-trained, orthopedic shoulder surgeon in North Texas. Dr. Kruse is committed to bringing the highest level of personalized orthopedic care, using advanced technology and biologics to effectively treat shoulder injuries with optimal patient outcomes.

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