What Are Some Red Flags of Shoulder Pain? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

What Are Some Red Flags of Shoulder Pain?

What Are Some Red Flags of Shoulder Pain?

A huge red flag for me is you can’t sleep at night.

If the shoulder stops you from being able to sleep at night or interrupts your sleep frequently because of the pain in your shoulder, that’s typically a pretty significant problem. You should have it checked out.

If you have pain at rest, you’re just sitting there during the day. You feel pain. If you have limited function of your shoulder to where you can’t do your daily activities and or it’s stopping you from being able to do the stuff you want to do. Those are all serious problems that are affecting your quality of life.

The longer it’s been going on, if it’s been going on for a day, not a huge deal, but depending on how bad it is, a week, two months, three months. All of it’s just kind of factoring all those things in together.

But in general, if you’re having pain in your shoulder and it’s, it’s inhibiting your life in some sort of way, and it’s causing you problems, and it’s been there for more than a couple days, it’s a good idea to come in and see us. We’ll figure out what the problem is, and then we can fix it.

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