What Clothes to Wear After Shoulder Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

What Clothes to Wear After Shoulder Surgery?

What Clothes to Wear After Shoulder Surgery?

A common question people ask with shoulder surgeries is, what kind of clothes can I wear?

But we allow you to move your arm right away. You can wear whatever type of clothes you want, whatever makes you comfortable. I’ve had surgery on my shoulder, and I wore regular clothes, so you can still move your arm enough to get it through different sleeves and holds in your shirts.

Human beings are incredibly adaptive. We allow enough motion for you to wear whatever you want. Even the discomfort and soreness right after the operation will not inhibit you from wearing any clothing you want, so try not to get caught up.

It also tends not to be that much of an issue because we’re not strict about motion. We allow a gentle range of motion early on because we know that it will not damage the surgeries we perform. You can pretty much wear what you want.

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