What Happens 2 Weeks After Rotator Cuff Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

What Happens 2 Weeks After Rotator Cuff Surgery?

What Happens 2 Weeks After Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Two weeks after surgery. The portal sites we do, these arthroscopically are healed. You’ll have some bruising down your arm. That’s typical. Some have more than others. It’s normal. Don’t worry about it.

You’re kind of through the rough patch. The hardest part of rotator cuff surgery is the first week or two. Then, it just keeps getting better. For us, after two weeks, we tell patients, “You can keep wearing your sling if you want to. But, you really don’t have to.”

You can move your arm gently for all the surgeries we do on the cuff without fear. By the two-week point, most of our patients who come in, are not taking narcotics.

They are like, “I can tell I had surgery. It’s sore, but it’s manageable. I feel good and I’m happy I had it done and I’m not miserable.” That two-week appointment for us is pretty awesome because people are feeling much better and they’re on the road to recovery. They’re off all the strong pain medicine and they’re getting by just fine without having much trouble in life.

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