What Is a Bottom Buddy? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

What Is a Bottom Buddy?

What Is a Bottom Buddy?

So what is a bottom buddy? Well, this is like a stick used to help people with bad shoulders.

Whether they’ve had an operation or not, it would help them use the restroom. Imagine like an extension of your arm. It’s a stick.

You know the good news is most of our patients don’t have to use that. We allow people to move their arms fairly quickly after the procedure. That’s something you could maybe consider getting if you’re having trouble.

But in our practice we haven’t had to have that be an issue. It’s a big concern people have— ”How am I going to use the restroom after shoulder surgery?”

I’ve had two shoulder surgeries it’s perfectly safe. There might be some discomfort, but you won’t damage anything if you just do what you normally do. You can also come from the front and use your other hand.

So all those things are on the table, but we haven’t had many patients have to use that.

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