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What is The Best Support After Shoulder Surgery

What is The Best Support After Shoulder Surgery

What is the best support after shoulder surgery? We give patients slings, but we’re anti-sling. We don’t force you to wear it, and we tell people to work themselves out of it and try to bring yourself off that sling as quickly as possible. if you don’t want to wear it, don’t wear it; if you want to, wear it.

But generally, we wear slings, and there are all these different kinds. There’s one with pillows. We’ve got these art things that hold your arm out. There are traditional ones. Whatever’s comfortable.

Slings are something that people fixate on, and it’s an unnatural position to hold your arm in, like all day, every day. I do understand, and I’ve had surgery on my shoulder. I wore my sling, for the first week or two, for periods because it felt more comfortable. However, after 10 to 12 days, I was out of it and didn’t wear it because it just didn’t help me.

So, the supporting device we give is a sling. We have many different designs that we can work with you on. But really, you don’t need to wear it for long, and the second you feel comfortable, we can get rid of it.

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