What Is The Most Painful Shoulder Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

What Is The Most Painful Shoulder Surgery?

What Is The Most Painful Shoulder Surgery?

A common question is, what is the most painful shoulder surgery? In general, the answer is rotator cuff repair.

Things have changed. In our practice, we use multimodal pain approaches and rehab techniques. We use surgical techniques, and wand we have mitigated that massively. Rotator cuff surgery gets a bad rap.

But if done in modern fashion by someone with a very high volume, most patients feel better than before surgery two to six weeks after.

So you’re having surgery because your shoulder stinks right like it’s in pain all the time. Most of our patients who get their cuffs fixed are sore and achy, but they’re way better than before surgery reasonably quickly after the operation.

They’re not in a sling, like not moving their arm for three months and have a horrible agony to have a better shoulder. The path to recovery is not nearly as arduous as most people imagine.

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