Which Surgery Is Worse, Knee or Shoulder? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Which Surgery Is Worse, Knee or Shoulder?

Which Surgery Is Worse, Knee or Shoulder?

Which surgery is worse, the knee or the shoulder? It depends on what surgery you’re having. 

They’re all great because we’re solving problems there. We’re fixing people that have severe pain. Our patients’ outcomes are excellent, and they are very happy. That’s why we have a busy practice. 

But it depends on what you’re doing. It depends on what the surgery is on the knee. If it’s an ACL reconstruction, I don’t do any surgery. I just had shoulder surgery. But in general, if you’re getting a scope clean-up, in this case of the knee, that’s a quick recovery. 

If you have to have something reconstructed, that’s a different story. You tend to do more repairs on the shoulder. If you’re fixing something or repairing something with your knees, there’s a lot of clean-out surgery. But it depends on what operation you’re having.

It’s dependent on the patient and the problem. You can’t just say, “Oh, one’s worse than the other.” It’s very specific to the surgery you’re doing on the joint.

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