Will My Shoulder Ever Be The Same After Surgery? - Dr. Kevin Kruse

Will My Shoulder Ever Be The Same After Surgery?

Will My Shoulder Ever Be The Same After Surgery?

Will my shoulder ever be the same after shoulder surgery? The answer is no. It’s going to be much better.

That’s why we’re doing the operation. You’re having an operation because something is torn, broken, or worn out in your shoulder. And if you’re getting it done by a specialist who does a high volume, then the likelihood in our practice, at least 95% for almost all the surgeries we perform, is that you will have an excellent outcome. Your shoulder will be much better than it was before the surgery.

That’s why we’re doing the surgery. It’s not to create this shoulder that we put all these restrictions on and say you can’t do something. It’s to give you a shoulder so you can get back to doing everything you want to do in life. Working out, playing golf, playing tennis, playing with your kids, throwing a ball, and sleeping at night. We want to give you all those things back.

And for all the surgeries that I do on the shoulder, I never put restrictions on people. I say do whatever your shoulder can, but we’re trying to give you back to your life. We’re not trying to take something away.

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